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Our business is about helping our clients to transform change into opportunities. SCLS established mostly to serve the Egyptian market, we provides Customers with the information, guidance and strategies to implement truly integrated supply chains that deliver bottom line results., as well as business excellence and development models. We are a Training and Consulting company dedicated to our values, our management, and our network that all intertwine to achieve an execution of shared value growth for our clients across all industries. As a Global consulting company, we are committed to excellence. SCLS generates strategies to strengthen core competencies, develops new business models considering the technological possibilities while creating a realistic roadmap for digital transformation and digital interconnectedness, like safeguarding the quality of our consultancy services in the field of Industry. We enable businesses to realize the roadmap in short and fast steps. Our Operations practice assists our clients in solving complex operational challenges. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, our teams of consultants and experts work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients' most critical problems. Responding to the digital challenge that companies now face on a global scale, we are seeking to leverage digital efforts and bring them to the next level. The Digital Operations group combines strategic thinking and technology expertise to deliver accelerated outcomes. We help clients separate digital opportunity from hype and we build business prototypes in order to prove that opportunities are real. We also orchestrate delivery to ensure that technology investment translates into business results. We work to configure organizations so they can achieve rapid improvements in customer experience, innovation, revenue, and costs. You will help leaders translate their digital vision into a prioritized set of value-rich opportunities and help determine how organizations can be set up for success in a digital world.

SCLS do not abandon you after the work is done. We ensure that our relationship is maintained at all levels allowing us to continue best practice sharing. We offer a cradle to grave service that can’t be complicated.

We use the modernist techniques and services in warehouses management and providing the necessary resources for presenting the best service with the highest quality. We also introduces logistic consultant and supply chain solutions, through efficient and high experience team work for facilitating all challenges faced by different organizations. SCLS works on establishing rules of continuous improvement in all fields that contribute in developing them with its clients.

Our Consulting Services !

Supply Chain Training Programs


Learn how to integrate business strategy with effective supply chain role driving operations towards excellence.

Helps you improve top-line growth, lower costs, reduce response times and increase productivity through Supply Chain Network. It boosts your skills enabling you to progress in your career in operations and supply chain management through exhibiting innovative strategies and best practices using the latest technologies in the field.

Logistics Consulting Solutions

By applying the logistics consulting services, you can do the following:


• Operations

• Inventory management.

• Customer services management.

• Warehouse Management Solution.

• Supporting business systems.

• Logistics Related Manpower Support.

• Custom clearance.

• Order processing.

• Customized reports.

• Waste management.

• Reverse logistics Management.

• Quality Management.

Air Freight Tracking

Sea Freight Tracking:


  - Yang Ming Line


  - hapag-lloyd

  - MAERSK Line

  - COSCO Line

  - SEAGO Line

  - CMA Line

  - APL Line

  - PIL Line

  - Turkon

  - LATT


Warehouse Consulting Solutions

Supply Chain Consulting Service

By applying the Warehouse consulting solutions, you can do the following:


• Warehouse start up.

• Space UTI.

• Inventory Optimization.

• Head count Analysis.

• Auditing system.

• System Integration.

• Project management.

• Organization Chart .

• Recruitment consulting.

• Co-packing services.

• Kitting solution.

• Bar coding, label printing and scanning.

• Packing / Re-Packing Promo/ Re pallet.

By applying the Supply Chain consulting services, you can do the following:


• Comprehensive KPI dashboards & reporting.

• Carrier management

• Shipment planning.

• General Supplies

• Dock scheduling

• Freight settlement

• Consolidated invoicing.

• 24/7 track and trace.

• Standard and customized reporting.

• Multi-modal consolidation and optimization.

• Continuous improvement programs.

Distribution Consulting Service

Training Courses

By applying the Warehouse consulting solutions, you can do the following:


• Retail store distribution.

• Transportation & tracking services.

• Order fulfillment, pick and pack by order, SKU etc.

• Reverse logistics management programs.

• Total Inventory Management.

• Cross-docking and Trans loading.

• Escorting.

By applying the training services, you can do the following:


• Freight Forwarding.

• Procurement Management.

• Soft skills.

• Business skills.

• Material Handling Equipment (MHE).

• Supply Chain Management.

• Logistics Management.

• Warehouse Management.

• Inventory Management.

• Quality management.

• Import & export.

• Business skills.

• Material Handling Equipment (MHE).

Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customer everywhere.

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